Privacy Policy shows great dedication to protecting the information that is shared or by our users to us, and it is for this reason that it strives to stop it from going into the hands of anyone who may misuse it in any shape or manner. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform the users of this website with the various different intricacies involved, while also teaching them the different ways through which their information may be gathered while they use this site.

Much like a multitude of other websites on the internet uses similar techniques to gather data from its users. Not that these methods have become a standard all across the internet. Among this is the usage of Cookies. A clearer idea of how cookies operate is provided further down in the Privacy Policy, however, the primary thing to note is that this website is an information-providing website and thus no major details from the user are ever asked. This includes things such as their email address, credit card information, any passwords or other vital details. This means that their identity remains quite anonymous when on the website.

Much like other websites on the internet, the most that might be collected will be in the form of cookies. These cookies are small packets of data that are collected from the user to give them a more personalized experience while on the website. At no point throughout this process will one’s information be shared to any third parties of any kind.

Linkage to Other Areas of the Net

The articles on this website might link to other products and/or website which are not in any way owned by the site itself. This is done to provide users with an effective way to communicate with the creators of any said product if it may entice them enough after reading an article or review. . In this case that the Site may provide links to third party websites that own the product that the article is discussing. is not partnered with these products or any of their creators, nor are they give any form of sponserships and the articles written do not offer any bias.

Any harm that might come to the reader as a result of the products that are mentioned on the site is a fault of its respective owners, and cannot be blamed on the owners or writers of the site. Upon accessing the websites that have been linked in The Site’s articles, is the responsibility of the owner of the website alone and has nothing to do with it. As a user, it is your own duty to ensure that any information that you are viewing is taken with a grain of salt, and that any product purchased is used cautiously instead of without any extra caution.

By accessing, reading, viewing or otherwise attempting to enter the website, you agree to the fact that any harm that might come as a result of the mentioned products is a fault of your own, and no one can be made liable for it but yourself.

Changes to Privacy Policy holds the right to change the Privacy Policy or alter it at any given point. No prior mentions of any changes are to be expected from us, and it is your own duty to make sure to keep up with the Privacy Policy from time to time to make sure you know all of the various details and changes.

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